Meeting The Parents

Meeting The Parents
May 27, 2016 Dylan Czeladka

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and prove it so.

–  Abraham Lincoln


First impressions with your potential in-laws are probably high on the priority list for most people looking to establish a long term relationship.

Knowing that having the family on board is such an important element, I probably should have paid it a lot more thought!

With no recollection of the accident, finally realizing from family members that my partner (Nimi) was actually the one driving the vehicle and in the accident as well, you couldn’t have held me back if you tried.

Well you probably could have as I was pretty banged up haha, but shut up you weren’t there so let’s continue!


Not yet able to walk I convinced my parents to get me into a wheelchair and take me off into the elevator, downstairs to the trauma ward.


Loading me up with pain killers beforehand, my unfiltered heavily medicated self was definitely not ready to hold any form of intelligent conversation.

Surely I would have had consideration into her strong Malaysian family values and of course said something both mature and culturally sensitive.

As I was wheeled into her room, not even noticing her parents to the right of me… my Caucasian parent’s jaws hit the floor as the first words out of my mouth were “I thought you would have been blacker with all the bruising”.

I then thrust a stuffed echidna towards her saying “I love you, and I aint eh- kidding-ya”

Probably the most ridiculously painful pun I have otherwise ever heard, mixed in with the fact that is was actually a “porcupine”.

Looking around the room and seeing the rest of her family, my life was surely over.


Perched up in my wheelchair with no hair, a scar down the right side of my head, with my nice pants and woolen jumper I looked nothing short of Charles Xavier… (You know the bald guy from x men)

On that topic, I continue to ask medical professionals if they can determine the likelihood of me gaining super powers, they appear reluctant to answer my questions however I remain hopeful.


charles xavier

 Will keep you posted.