Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day
May 8, 2016 Dylan Czeladka

So I wanted to take the opportunity through my writing to recognize and appreciate the incredible impact that each one of my family members has had on my recovery.

I thought who better to start with on this special day, than this blonde bombshell I get to call my mother?!


You are the definition of selfless.

The loving, comforting hand supporting us all throughout our lives and our experiences.

You are the voice of Reason.

Always making time for us to sit and share openly, while giving us your insight.


You are the protective wings,

You keep us safe but also shape us in your positive image, guiding us in the right direction.

You are a symbol of strength,

Picking us up whenever we fall, tending to our wounds, and encouraging us forward.


It wouldn’t be enough to say you are an incredible woman,

but you are one i could not be more proud of.


Sometimes when were together, I stop and I stare…

I think to myself, i wonder if other people might see you differently then i do.



When others see your exhaustion.

I see every night you have spent on the floor of our lounge room, comforting me through the night terrors and flashbacks while I sleep.

People might see that you’re retired now and finally get to relax more.

Although I see that you retired early, to become my full time carer having to put your own needs secondary to mine many times.

Some people might see you helping me with my therapy homework, although I can see the overflowing files of insurance company documentation and specialist reports that you still have to read, sort and file.

Others may view you as a quiet rock of support in our family, but i see the outgoing woman who fought for me on the steps of the courthouse when the prosecutor didn’t even read my case before coming to trial.

Some people might see you active on social media, I see you as reading and sharing every one of my posts with pride.


Many people see you as the incredible nurse you are today, although they might not know that your initial yearn for nursing came from the sickness of both your own mother and myself.

Your undeniable need to understand more and help in whatever way you can in your own family. Led to a career in which you have touched, impacted and helped so many others.

You have been an unfathomable guiding light throughout my entire life.

I am so proud to call you my mother, and i am even more so proud to see some of those incredible qualities you possess reflecting back in us three boys.

Happy Mothers Day to my absolute one of a kind Mum.

You truly are an angel.