Waiting Rooms

Waiting Rooms
April 3, 2016 Dylan Czeladka

People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy – Samuel Butler

But what if the thing they really enjoy doing…. is sleeping??


I will introduce you to my life over the last few weeks.

See, my father is many things.

A workaholic, a jack of all trades, a loving family man, a designated lift home whenever it’s needed, a strong support beacon and someone to be proud of.

He is not however, good waiting room company.


This is a man who fell asleep at my year 4 Holy Communion, my year 7 graduation, several birthday dinners, a live comedy show with Arj Barker, and could have easily interrupted my year 12 graduation due to “excessive snoring”.

Mum was once almost disqualified from a quiz night, due to them believing that they only had 5 members, because the 6th member had fallen asleep on her lap. I’ll let you guess who that was.

I recall him going to wait at the bus stop for my grandmother during my stay in Royal Perth hospital, after being missing for over 2 hours, he returned covered in grass clippings after falling asleep on the lawn.  Oblivious to several distressed phone calls.




He currently has 3 spare phones, all of which work as alarm clocks. Unfortunately their usefulness includes waking everyone up in the household except him.

If his snoring were to occur on a mine site, I can almost assure that there would be double hearing protection signage displayed around my living room.



Anyway,  I have tried many other strategies to combat my waiting room blues.

The ones that actually worked.

  • Card Games – Uno, SkipBo, Cards Against Humanity
  • Spending over $100 in the Apple ITunes Store
  • Spotify Playlists
  • Snapchatting my snoring dad

The ones that didn’t.

  • Reading women’s day, new idea and women’s weekly.
  • Guessing what various ailments and diseases people might be visiting their GP for.


Lastly… my biggest failure actually came from attempting conversation.

I once walked in to the State Head Injury Unit, sitting down next to a young man of similar age to myself.

I turned and said to him “Head injury”?

To which he replied “yes”.

Which made me realize there’s probably not a lot more you come to the “head injury clinic “for.

That was the extent of our riveting conversation as we both went back to reading about this week’s fashion tips from 2009, what celebrity is sleeping with who, and the latest trends of lip gloss and Zac Efron.

They should really update those magazines…

This is not to discredit conversation altogether, as i have had some great chats about actually engaging topics in waiting rooms…

(Unfortunately, most of them were via text message.)